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Updated Wednesday, February 8th, 2017

DIVER04.GIF (27036 bytes)Welcome from the Jacksonville Scubanauts Dive Club!

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February Meeting

Our next meeting will be on Wednesday, February 8th. Our meetings are always on the second Wednesday of each month with socializing starting at 6:00 pm and the actual meeting beginng at 6:30 pm. The meetings are at Athen's Café Greek Restaurant at 6271 St. Augustine Road. They have a private room reserved for us that has accommodated us nicely. Socializing begins at 6:00pm with the meeting starting at 6:30). Visitors are always welcome!).

Our program for this meeting will be conducting the viewing of entries and the voting for our Annual Scubanauts Photo Contest. This will be for underwater and Scubanauts function abovewater photos made during the 2016 calendar year.

There are always some great images to choose from. So come to the meeting and vote for your favorites!

The second part of the deposit for Scubanauts members who are signed up to go on our June trip to CoCoView Resort in Roatan, Honduras is due at the meeting tonight. So those of you who haven't yet paid that yet please remember to bring your checkbooks!

Annual dues for Scubanauts membership are past due so if you're late please pay Vicky at the meeting and don't forget to bring a few dollars for the 50/50 raffle! You may go home with half the proceeds!

At this month's meeting we'll continue to discuss our next return dive trip to CoCoView Resort in Roatan, Honduras. If you're interested in this popular destination, there are a few slots left. Non-refundable deposits of $50 are due by January's meeting. But it will probably be full long before then. (One year it completely filled in two hours). Some years Nica has later been able to ad a few more slots late, but there are no guarantees.

Please consider running a club trip; it is fun diving with your friends! Be thinking about what trip destinations you'd like to see in the coming year. At our last meeting, members had tentatively volunteered to organize trips to Palm Beach and the northern Florida Keys, but it is too early for anything specific regarding those destinations.

See the Activities Page for information on all Scubanauts activities! Don't let the best of club diving pass you by!

Our Photo Gallery has portfolios from members as well as photos from our contests and parties. We're still looking for more material for the Photo Gallery. Check out the submissions so far! Members, send in some for your own page.

There are still some Scubanauts logo shirts and caps left from our last order. So if you didn't get want you wanted, check with Scott to see what stock remains.

The coveted Golden Copralite award is being held by James Johnson.. Please pass word of any future discretion to James so he can help others experience the pleasure of this award.

Recent Off-Shore Jax dive reports are sparse right now and we've been unable to find any reports that include 'vis and bottom temps.

For our members who like to spearfish, there is important news. The group "Our Florida Reefs" is pushing very hard to near totally prohibit all spearfishing while on scuba. (The sole exception is to hunt lionfish). This proposal is very near being passed into formal regulation. So any members who have a strong opinion on this need to get involved very quickly and let your state representatives know how you feel. Click here to see a .PDF of their draft proposed regulation.

We've all been following the Great White Shark satellite radio tagging program which has been operating in the waters offshore Jax periodically for some time now. If you want to follow one of the specific sharks which has been in the local news recently, here is the procedure. This example is for following "Katherine", the large female that has been sighted multiple times recently by divers off the Florida Keys; including being video'd by a dive team off the wreck of the Duane offshore Key Largo. At this writing, her satellite tracker's last "ping" was near the edge of the Continental Shelf east of the border between North and South Carolina.

  To follow Katherine's - or any other tracked shark's - travels:

  • Open your web browser and point to the OCEARCH Global Tracker website
  • Enter the shark's name (“Katherine”) into the field titled “Sharks” in the filter box to the left
  • Click the blue “Update” button
  • View where Katherine is in realtime

Newcomers, come check our membership pages to find out more about joining the Scubanauts!

If you have any ideas for speakers, please let your officers know. We always need new ideas!

Missed the last meeting? See the minutes of last month's meeting.

For the most current Scubanauts event updates, please visit us at a membership meeting!

Meetings are held the second Wednesday of each month at 6:30 p.m.

See the newsletter or click the Athens Café address link for directions!

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