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Scubanauts Trip Planning Notes and Worksheet

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Members' Recipes

The prime rib we have at our annual Scubanauts' Christmas Party makes a great Vegetable Beef Soup!

Rules for Scubanauts Annual Photo Contest

Review the rules for our annual Scubanauts Photo Contest here.

Used Gear for Sale By Members

If you are interested in any of these pieces, send an EMail to garagesale@scubanauts.org. Your EMail will be forwarded to the appropriate member who will respond to you directly. We do not directly list the members' EMail addresses here to prevent Spammers (who routinely troll web pages for new victim EMail addresses) from inflicting their missives on our members.


Any sale is strictly between you and the member as an independent, private citizen. The Jacksonville Scubanauts Dive Club posts these notices as a courtesy to the members only and receives no proceeds from the sale or for the posting. The club makes no warranty as to condition, pricing, outcome, delivery, etc. though we will, of course, attempt to mediate any sales not leading to satisfaction.

Members may send information on any dive or diving-related (photographic, boating, etc.) gear to the club's Webmaster for inclusion on this site. Each entry must include a sale price to be posted.

Dive Gear


Item Description Member
Sea & Sea MX-10 Underwater Camera, with strobe, macro, and custom case. Bought in 2000, used once. Asking $800 OBO. Barb H.
Buoyancy Compensator Sherwood Silhouette - ESB ML Asking $100 Phil H.
Sony Hi-8 Video Camera outfit Sony Hi-8 Video Camera/recorder, wireless remote commander with holder, A/C power adaptor and charger, shoulder strap, lens cap, jack cover, A/V connecting cable, S-Video connector, and RFU adaptor RFU-90UC. Asking $350. Phil H.
Video Housing Rankin Industries Phoenix 5 with electronic docking tray for TR-101, blue water filter, two flourescent lights, filter holder, and gear bag. Asking $300. Phil H.
Hi-8 VCR Sony EV-200 Hi-8 Video Cassette Recorder. Asking $200. Phil H.
Sony Video Editing Controller/Titler Sony RM-E300 Video Editing Controller / Titler. Asking $150. Phil H.
Video Character Generator JVC CG-V60U Character Generator. Asking $50. Phil H.
P.A Amplifier Realistic MPA-25 20 Watt P.A. Amplifier, 120V/12V. Asking $40. Phil H.

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